AR Semi Towing and Truck Repair Service Invests In Staff, Fleet

NE Arkansas semi towing and mobile repair company increases staff and fleet size to serve an expanding market.

Crawfordsville, AR – I-55 Towing & Recovery Service, a 17-year veteran semi towing and mobile truck repair service, today announced staff increases and additions to their towing fleet.

I-55 Towing’s facility in Crawfordsville has added personnel and equipment to accommodate the increased volume of transport services business in its Memphis-NE Arkansas market. A steadily increasing volume of breakdown calls required I-55 to add staff for dispatching 24 hour mobile truck repair vehicles, and, for its semi towing and recovery wreckers.

semi towing trucks and mobile truck repair service vehiclesWHY INVEST IN CRAWFORDSVILLE
Crawfordsville, Marion and the I-55 / I-40 corridors west of Memphis have benefitted from the truck freight volume moving through this transportation crossroad. Considerable increase in the volume of heavy truck transport has recently increased the need for heavy truck towing, mobile  truck service, diesel repair and accident recovery capabilities.

Many of I-55’s clients are nation-wide trucking concerns who are vocal about their preferences. These big, long-term customers repeatedly request a broader range of reliable services, 24 hour response, high quality solutions, and uniform prices consistent with national norms.

“One Call for Quality mobile service, heavy towing, and accident recovery – that’s our commitment to the trucking industry” said I-55 Towing owner Tim Bradley.

A single new Class 8 wrecker now costs over $600,000” Bradley explained. “We’re putting our money where our mouth is to deliver quality truck services to all of NE Arkansas, from Memphis to Missouri.”

I-55 Towing & Recovery’s expansion of their Crawfordsville staff and towing equipment will increase choice for trucking companies and broaden the range of truck services available in the area. Most important, because I-55 Towing conforms to national fleet pricing standards, the cost of using a typical heavy tow truck or obtaining mobile truck service near Memphis, will fall.


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ABOUT I-55 Towing & Recovery Service Crawfordsville
I-55 Towing & Recovery Service was founded in 2001 to supply automotive parts and truck repairs in Crawfordsville, AR.  The company expanded its services over the years, first offering heavy duty towing and accident recovery for semi trucks, buses and box trucks. Mobile truck repair services were added, and later,  an in-house Diesel repair shop. I-55 Towing Crawfordsville is sited on 17 fenced acres which facilitates secure storage of semi trucks, trailers, and their cargos.

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