Heavy Truck Towing, Mobile Truck Repair and Diesel Repair Shop Opens Blytheville Location

NE Arkansas heavy truck towing, mobile truck repair and diesel repair shop opens new service hub in Blytheville.

Blytheville, AR – I-55 Towing & Recovery Service, a 17-year veteran heavy truck towingsemi truck repair and diesel repair shop, today announced the formal opening of their new facility in Blytheville, Arkansas.

The Blytheville facility will be a hub for I-55’s semi truck towing, dispatching of mobile repair trucks, on-site Diesel engine repair, and accident recovery services.

heavy truck towing service, mobile truck repair, diesel repair shop

Blytheville Arkansas and the surrounding area has seen population growth and increasing employment due to the location of specialty steel mills nearby. The steel industry requires considerable volumes of heavy truck transport, inevitably increasing the need for heavy truck towing, mobile truck repair service and accident recovery capability.

Investing in a new Blytheville facility was influenced partly by market forces and partly by customer comments.

Many of I-55’s clients in Crawfordsville are nation-wide trucking concerns who are quite vocal about what they need. These long-term customers repeatedly noted the lack of competition, questioned the quality, and bemoaned the high prices in the Northeast Arkansas – Southern Missouri area.

“It’s exciting for us to be here” said I-55 Towing co-owner Tim Bradley.Opening in Blytheville helps fulfill our goal of delivering quality truck services to all of Interstate 55, from Memphis to Missouri.”

I-55 Towing & Recovery’s opening of their new location will increase choice for consumers and broaden the range of truck services available. Most important, as I-55 Towing conforms to national fleet pricing standards, the cost of using a typical heavy tow truck or obtaining diesel repair in Blytheville will fall.


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ABOUT I-55 Towing & Recovery Service Crawfordsville
I-55 Towing & Recovery Service was founded in 2001 to supply automotive parts and truck repairs in Crawfordsville, AR.  The company expanded its services over the years, first offering heavy duty towing and accident recovery for semi trucks, buses and box trucks. Mobile truck repair was added, and later, in-house Diesel engine repair capability. I-55 Towing is sited on 17 fenced acres which facilitates secure storage of semi trucks and their cargos.

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